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A Message Of Kindness

Three years ago, our lives were forever changed when we lost our brother, son, and friend; Jamie Norris Phillips II. While the sadness of that day may never completely fade, we choose to remember the joy instead. We are grateful to have had him in our lives for 18 years. Thinking back on his journey, we are still blown away by the overwhelming kindness and generosity that we received from medical staff, charitable organizations, and other families in our same situation. That is why we created the Jamie Phillips Memorial Cancer Fund, Inc.; to pass on the positivity, hope, and generosity that got us through such a tough time in our lives. Our organization was built with the spirit of passing on the kindness that was shared with us to other families. We have experienced the devastating effects a cancer diagnosis has on a family, an individual, and a community. Our dream, has been, and will always be, to help ease the burden of cancer, one family at a time. On this, the third anniversary of Jamie’s death, we ask you to help us spread the love, compassion, joy, and hope that are tenets of our organization. In honor of Jamie, we ask that you show someone a special kindness today. We will never not feel sorrow, but Jamie’s legacy will always be one of charity.


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